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Dana Kilgore
Dana Kilgore 30 minutter siden
Hayes Susan
Hayes Susan 30 minutter siden
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Rishabh Garg
Rishabh Garg 32 minutter siden
when you walk in night, are you recognizable?? People can see you or not???
Anonymous Zion 2
Anonymous Zion 2 32 minutter siden
I've been anti-apple ever since apple vs android began... but this, coupled with their newfound stance on privacy goes a long way for me. I'm going to find it hard not to buy.
Haider Asif
Haider Asif 36 minutter siden
I hate this content such click bait I swear so bad
George Hirsch
George Hirsch 42 minutter siden
Thank you for your input. I just purchased the s20 fe, so far I like it.
Aseem Choudary
Aseem Choudary Time siden
Very good video 😍👍👌♥️😊😇
JULXX Time siden
We all know that marques was exaggerating throughout the whole video such as for example "the phone is a performance beast"
Hans Olsen
Hans Olsen Time siden
Fucking love Marques
BEAT GAMING Time siden
Me thinks that it is a coin of a dog
Anonymous Zion 2
Anonymous Zion 2 Time siden
Why are you wearing a face mask in your videos? Is the video sponsored by Gates?
Daddy Days
Daddy Days Time siden
Love it
Abhinav Yadav
Abhinav Yadav Time siden
That Daft Punk poster ;(
Jeevan Kumar
Jeevan Kumar Time siden
Worst review of my life...time wasted
Doge Time siden
I am a coin??? What the freak!!!
Rylan McCoy
Rylan McCoy Time siden
"I know that this isn't a video a lot of you will care about" he said about the video with 1.68 mil views. Seriously good though! Would love to know if there was a follow up video as the camera came out of beta
Ozil Smith
Ozil Smith Time siden
Me watching this on my 1+6 still recommending this phone to everybody after having it for +2 years: 🥺
KVBDM SAXCV Time siden
The swanky discovery evidently whisper because panty bilaterally yell following a quack turtle. actually, harmonious galley
Larsnl Time siden
For 350 it’s cheap xd
Adithya Virupakshi
Adithya Virupakshi Time siden
Him: 8k is so sharp and clean and I can see every detail Me in 720p: yes very much
Luke P
Luke P Time siden
RIP 69
666 BRLN 999
666 BRLN 999 Time siden
Anyone noticed the Bots on NOpost that talk and create a Comment chain talking about Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrencies? One Bot randomly brings it up on a video that has nothing to do with it then other bots reply to it, creating a fake conversation between 5-20 bots, usually all accounts have Profile pictures of real people (probably ripped from social medias) and are new accounts from 2020 or newer with no content or anything on them. Pretty awful how they try to get people to spend money on Bitcoin etc.
666 BRLN 999
666 BRLN 999 Time siden
holy shit, the comments are FULL of these scamming bots!!
Jordan Armstrong
Jordan Armstrong Time siden
Rather have this then my shitty iPhone
Zaga Raditya
Zaga Raditya Time siden
Can't wait until xiaomi get into this flip phone thing, it will be released as 500$ phone
Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar Time siden
, I buyed the S21 Ultra on Friday and have overheating issues. After minutes if camera usages or gaming the phone heats up to 44+ degrees and at a certain point it shuts down.Never buy a samsung phone with Exynos! I have learned my lesson 😌
Chuck Franco
Chuck Franco Time siden
I still have the series 4, it still works absolutely great on a daily basis. It still lasts me more than a day, even keeping it on when I sleep
The Derpy Drummer
The Derpy Drummer Time siden
he holds the xbox like its a lego brick 0:23
PINX Time siden
Which is better S21 ultra or Note 20 ultra? 🤔
Matthew Melendez
Matthew Melendez Time siden
I love colorwear
Intzar G
Intzar G 2 timer siden
Watching it on my s9+, been using this beast since almost 2 years now, still great phone (A+ performance and great camera still in 2021) fully satisfied with it. 👌
Amir Kabre
Amir Kabre 2 timer siden
Nah he said Westbrick
Tony Laverty
Tony Laverty 2 timer siden
Does anyone else hear movement from their camera when they slowly tilt their phone about 45 degrees, forwards or backwards? I know rattle is normal if you shake the phone but I think mine is excessive, it doesn't take much to hear something in the camera unit. Thanks!
Don Marin
Don Marin 2 timer siden
Ah poor old ass hole assassin, people want to get even this shit bag for murdering people. And now he wants protection, LOL, KARMA SUCKS when you're a shit bag.
Pranav's creative world
Pranav's creative world 2 timer siden
Hi bro iam from India (A.P) i started my new NOpost channel three months ago I want one tech bag bro
Bryan Salinas
Bryan Salinas 2 timer siden
Marques’s video quality be looking better than my eyesight
mamamia88 2 timer siden
Look if apple just included a type a to c cable would this have been a big deal? Also dollar tree even sells 5w bricks now so how much could it cost? But, including a cable that's pretty much useless unless you already have the charger is stupid. Luckily I was coming from a pixel so had already switched over to pd chargers. Just grabbed a couple extra cables at the 5 below and even had some lightning cables already because they were part of one of those cables that include every type of connector for travel. I've even started using chargers that weren't doing anything again
Jens Björkqvist
Jens Björkqvist 2 timer siden
the port suck's after a couple of year... so its better for long term... i magfail would work xD
tiffany nantista
tiffany nantista 2 timer siden
Ive just discovered this guys videos because ive been looking for reviews on this phone and omg.... I usually don’t like review videos but i like this guys videos. He speaks in a way that isn’t too complicated for me to understand but it’s still very informative. Grade A
Mohammed Khan
Mohammed Khan 2 timer siden
I'm all for wireless charging and all that but my problem is, what if I need to hard reset my phone using DFU? As far as we know, you still need iTunes for that. Unless they can figure out how to wireless transmit that data over magsafe, I think Apple is trying to kill jailbreaking using portless phones.
BULLET XD 2 timer siden
His 11 years old camera is much more better than mine lol
Imed Hadef
Imed Hadef 2 timer siden
at least give me one phone 😭
j w
j w 2 timer siden
Kobe, I miss you! Even though I never say never, but I've never forgotten the day when I was in Staples watching your game in my person. You're and will always be my HERO and I will tell the youth you're my Michael Jordan!
Novica Vukobratovic
Novica Vukobratovic 2 timer siden
Wait, didn't this guy have over 50m + subs ?
kms108 3 timer siden
Isnt the mi charging old tech, i have one from panasonic and docomo, and thats over ten years ago.
dimonat 3 timer siden
This is dumb, because something seems friendly and isn't meant to be serious means it's valuable?? Crypto is BS. The elephant in the room is no one can explain why these "currencies" have value. People are buying them and they can't even explain why.
9 lifes!!!
9 lifes!!! 3 timer siden
To me one plus 7t Pro, 8 Pro has just as good of a display as the S21 ultra, or even slightly better and the software experience, too me is better from the one ➕. I just gave up my 7t Pro for the S21 ultra and I wonder if I made a mistake....
Frank 3 timer siden
Now that they have removed the power brick, the connector doesn't make sense either..... Let's just remove it!
Uncommon 3 timer siden
Apple: don't worry. If you really want the port just purchase this $40 dongle. Clear that issue right up.
Anon ymous
Anon ymous 3 timer siden
Ok, something about the phone not being fast. Well not being fast is kind of taking it low. This slow fuctionality is NOT due to hardware and Xiaomi needs to see what software issue exist. Just to test this i took my old Mi Max 2 that has like 50 extra apps install in it and also has 4Gb of ram and a Snapdragon 625. This is a 2017 phone, is closing 4 years since release. In the meantime i had like a gallery app, 2 photo editing apps, a wallpaper app and a browser open on it. So i rewind this video and pushed the camera app in the same exact moment he pushed it on the Poco. Reminding again i had open apps in the background. Well my Mi Max 2(Mi Max 2 was a $220 phone) opened the camera app quite faster. You can say that maybe the camera app on the Poco is heavier and the 48mp sensor needs more time than the 12Mp of the Mi Max 2 but still tons of apps installed on the phone, open apps on the background, having being used for so much time and getting heavier and the already weaker hardware getting slower should balance such thing easily. So this phone is just badly optimized. Is not slow for any specific reason or because it is lower budget. There is a problem with software and hardware cooperation here. How can a guy with so much experience reviewing devices not get that? Maybe because he doesn't review reasonably priced devices often.
Joshua J Lewis
Joshua J Lewis 3 timer siden
He said he wanted a pro version. 8 months later Samsung release a pro version. With everything he wanted.
Clara Mia
Clara Mia 3 timer siden
The world would have been better if they where people Like hackerzhiyong on telegram am worldwide known with the help of his bitcoin software service you are genuine sir 🥰
One Above All
One Above All 3 timer siden
American Smartphone: Nobody has ever given a low price with high specs. (Stingy). Don't ever dream that America will issue a smartphone with cheap price but high specifications, that's impossible European smartphones: Always wanted to look elegant at a high price but lacking specifications. Europe will never forever issue low-priced smartphones with high specifications. Chinese smartphone: I am a true king, low price but high specs. Many models are good and always think about customer satisfaction. Even have many choices, because we are kings over kings. 😎 China's smartphone is always number one. American and European smart phones are sad, times have changed. That is the result of always selling at high prices even though some are cheap but the specifications are very bad. Who is the king in the world ...? CHINA SMARTPHONE 🤴🇨🇳📱
Van Nguyen
Van Nguyen 3 timer siden
Apple is reaching a point of ridiculousness cause they know people will still buy these their “innovation” lol
Bearded Wolf
Bearded Wolf 3 timer siden
His "budget" phones are 500 bucks lol Guess I'm in the dirt cheap class now, because I've never bought one over $200
Lisa Jefferson
Lisa Jefferson 3 timer siden
Great review! I'm ready to order now.
GO NYNE 3 timer siden
Bro just prolly put a hit himself good luck
Jan Prochazka
Jan Prochazka 3 timer siden
Investing in bitcoin is the best investment anyone can do this year 2021 Because bitcoin investment has made a lot of people millionaires
666 BRLN 999
666 BRLN 999 Time siden
>>> BOTS ALERT <<< These are all Bot accounts.
Amelia Merry
Amelia Merry 3 timer siden
Bitcoin trading right now should be at every wise individuals list . In 2years time you will be ecstatic with the decision you made today
Alison Sarah
Alison Sarah 3 timer siden
@Logan Elijah She is also my broker too , she has made success very easy for me
Logan Elijah
Logan Elijah 3 timer siden
@Liam Mason That’s a nice trading experience with her , I have never seen any Mrs Patricia clients complain about lost or being scammed I think she is a professional broker
Liam Mason
Liam Mason 3 timer siden
+1 8 1 3 4 3 3-0 8 8 2
Cliff Chiong
Cliff Chiong 3 timer siden
The best video to watch before buying a new phone. No bullshit.
ubhatti17 3 timer siden
Im gonna save some pocket Money to buy This in late 2021
Mbeluba 3 timer siden
Okay Marques, that was really stupid.
Grand Adventure Japan
Grand Adventure Japan 3 timer siden
Where can I get this card? I really want one... Need help...
Clara Lee
Clara Lee 3 timer siden
DroBot 700
DroBot 700 3 timer siden
Thank you mark quiz brownie
Charro69 3 timer siden
Hey school children
Mr.YoutubeNoob 3 timer siden
I only have a 1080p monitor not sure what you want me to see
BL 4 timer siden
Who is watching it in 2021?
Mayank kadela
Mayank kadela 4 timer siden
Make video on what's on my phone 2021
Mayank kadela
Mayank kadela 4 timer siden
Make video on what's on my phone 2021
Mayank kadela
Mayank kadela 4 timer siden
Make video on what's on my phone 2021