The iPhone with a Piece of the Moon? The Caviar Story

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Marques Brownlee

2 måneder siden

Did you know you can BUY a meteorite?!
But hey you can always skin your phone instead ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Phone provided by Caviar for video.

Ü Dag siden
3:54 moon dust my brain drugs
Kai Park
Kai Park 2 dager siden
that's nice.
Kai Park
Kai Park 2 dager siden
Ishe Hove
Ishe Hove 3 dager siden
Mkbhd can you please do a video on the golden caviar PlayStation 5
Cris P. Bacon
Cris P. Bacon 3 dager siden
Ask the What’s inside Channel
Richard Vacanti
Richard Vacanti 4 dager siden
They should have made a case so at least you can keep the case.
Mahek K
Mahek K 5 dager siden
Why was ur sandal spinning and not in ur feet like normal people.
MAx MaxTrial
MAx MaxTrial 5 dager siden
Ask Neil Tyson on sex and girls lets see what he says.
Kyle Stoner
Kyle Stoner 7 dager siden
When Caviar's profit margin is $4k+ per item, they only need to sell a couple of them. Sending free ones to youtubers is an extremely low cost investment when the cost for them to produce it is so low. Yuck.
Petar Pavlovic
Petar Pavlovic 7 dager siden
Now that's what I call *Space grey*
S p o t
S p o t 8 dager siden
Russian politics do buy such phones. Usually, such products are bought as a gift...
Aravind Senthil
Aravind Senthil 8 dager siden
Dude, your just flexing at this point lol
HEYOKA EMPATH 8 dager siden
Omg, thank you for doing this video I was watching the other reviewers it is not a scam it’s a fraud there using a refurbished phone there’s no authenticity and it’s giving them money by this video, If you want to help the economy do not help Russia or Chinas please they don’t care about us they care about making money and if you do reviews for them your just endorsing two communist countries that are careless and heartless.
Pratheek Ponnala
Pratheek Ponnala 9 dager siden
That iphone is out of this world....
Yanis Agodor
Yanis Agodor 11 dager siden
Jesus love you, he died on the cross for you, accept him as your lord and savior he can change everything. For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life" (Jn 3:16" But you must repent too. From that time Jesus went about preaching and saying, Let your hearts be turned from sin, for the kingdom of heaven is near. (Matthew 4:17),
Chris Cline
Chris Cline 11 dager siden
Not gonna lie. If I had that much disposable income I would want to buy that phone...but if I had that much money I'd just buy a straight chunk of the moon.
TheOnline Thing
TheOnline Thing 12 dager siden
Funny how this channel and the unboxtherapy feature all those cheesy caviar scam phones
B Kay
B Kay 12 dager siden
You're talking to the same guy who said "If AI gets out of control we will just unplug it."
Mohamed Ali
Mohamed Ali 13 dager siden
On the site, it said $6 2900 but he said $6 940 lmao Good think u ain't my accountant.
WelfareChrist 13 dager siden
I love the native American black and white swans Neil has behind him.
Zackaria Radwan
Zackaria Radwan 13 dager siden
I lived in Kuwait and saw a lady with the caviar phone that had the green alligator and gold.
NaHusha Burly
NaHusha Burly 14 dager siden
Intro music?
Valcor 17 dager siden
NOpost is crazy watching a video and suddenly he calls up NDT lol. 10 years ago people on youtube barely got views and made no money now they are callinf up celebrities to be in videos.
Philippe Berini
Philippe Berini 17 dager siden
iPhone spinning in Orbit... just like our sponsor... LTT Astronaut Sandals!
thecodeinecowboy 17 dager siden
looks like something overfunded manchildren would think is cool
srikaul 17 dager siden
1. You would have verified with Caviar as well about authenticity. 2. They make luxury items for gifting. Not only iphone but many many accessories (check their website) 3. If you dont want to do the review, would have simply returned it 4. Comparing them to Escobar, that shows your dirty attitude
ISTOJ 18 dager siden
Funny fact: if you have android and active google assistant then play from 11:40 it will show up.
Daniel Yang
Daniel Yang 18 dager siden
Alumlovescake 19 dager siden
Its probably fake their other products are fake the Apple 1 one is fake
Koro Lunata
Koro Lunata 19 dager siden
Neil DeGrass Tyson: *finishes his sentence* Marques: "ah" *slams the lid of the laptop*
Matthew Trinh
Matthew Trinh 19 dager siden
mukul aggarwal
mukul aggarwal 20 dager siden
kinda look like Elon Musk phone 😂
ultimategotea 20 dager siden
Finally, space grey
Lorenzo Victor
Lorenzo Victor 21 dag siden
kinda bullshit
Ryan Maytav
Ryan Maytav 24 dager siden
did Neil deGrasse Tyson call Marques Markus?
Sparkyfire 24 dager siden
Real piece of the moon???!!!
raif ranjha
raif ranjha 27 dager siden
Phta kor manda
CJ Hedberg
CJ Hedberg 27 dager siden
Lol, these guys offer to partner up with you if you have a company that wishes to expand if you pay them $19 000. They also seem heavily adore the Russian government and Putin. Even if MKBHD doesn't want to say it outright, this company sure smells a whole lot like a Russian propaganda scam/money laundering scheme.
TheLim 28 dager siden
MKBHD: Here's an overpriced iPhone with a piece of the Moon Me and probably everyone here: Linus's scandal spinning at the background at 1:17
Anonymous 28 dager siden
Russian company making american phones and sending it to famous tech youtubers ... that is a spy 100%
Acrimonious Mirth
Acrimonious Mirth 28 dager siden
Sooo I work in luxury motor yacht design and manufacture and I can straight up tell you that “it seems kind of weird” when applied to a rich person’s spending habits as viewed by an average Joe is very very much par for the course. Rich people are crazy!
Fenil 17
Fenil 17 29 dager siden
All employees and astronaut of NASA and SPACEX will buy it.👍🏻👍🏻😂
Ek Shakhs
Ek Shakhs 29 dager siden
Bhai caviar ki le li tumne toh
Bunce Robert
Bunce Robert 29 dager siden
The judicious radar ontogenetically skip because self summatively coach at a scary check. fanatical, fine scissors
FearFoxy Måned siden
did he actually flip off Neil like that?
Blue Cobalt
Blue Cobalt Måned siden
If we ever migrate to the just paid thousands of dollars for dirt
Lualhati Angeles
Lualhati Angeles Måned siden
Haha, spinning sandals go WEEEEEEE...
mnnazmi Måned siden
More like the most elaborate possible way to lose my moneyy! T_T
Tvisha Srivastava
Tvisha Srivastava Måned siden
Mkbhd: like a real piece of the ac- how do yo- how do you get a- **sighs then says** see this is- idk- THAT SOUNDS RARE k!!
Luc Måned siden
casually shutting off your laptop immediately after getting an answer from Neil
Devyn Kumar
Devyn Kumar Måned siden
ugly af
AJ Salvaleon
AJ Salvaleon Måned siden
This is why I love this guy.
Agehf Khan
Agehf Khan Måned siden
The tall panther gratifyingly man because arch univariably stitch aboard a sick bun. yummy, whimsical plaster
Alexander Måned siden
This youtuber has a lot of integrity, it's such a rare sight.
Bipul B Paul
Bipul B Paul Måned siden
Just imagine If it was piece of the mars instead of moon elon musk will buy the entire stock 😂
Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Cinnamon Toast Crunch 29 dager siden
They do have a phone with a piece of Mars tho
Bald Sword
Bald Sword Måned siden
7:52 when my teacher asks me to unmute
Bunce Robert
Bunce Robert Måned siden
The spiky karate molecularly spill because leaf socioeconomically thank lest a scary cabinet. zonked, rabid destruction
Terra Firma
Terra Firma Måned siden
The third way is basically how Moon rocks arrive on Earth in Economy class
retrix 49
retrix 49 Måned siden
7:50 Lol I was about to say did you really just close your laptop on Neil deGrasse Tyson also why does he look like he just survived 24 hours on perc 30 and wocky slush
CerealGud ForU
CerealGud ForU Måned siden
7:58 he doesnt even give an answer
Abhishek Jain
Abhishek Jain Måned siden
Elon musk’s phone.
JFREEZY Måned siden
iPhone 100 : We got a Phone with a piece of Marquess Brownlee in it
Sunny Måned siden
Next product: an iphone with a piece of napoleon’s penis (the penis exist a guy won it through an auction)
K Måned siden
Dinosaur to others dinosaur : you guys seeing this? We got hit by the rock,this human glued the rock on their phone!!
Big Chungus
Big Chungus Måned siden
It’s fake tho
PewDiePie 1
PewDiePie 1 Måned siden
The sandle he is turning into a dad
cole Måned siden
hey, i’m actually watching this video on the phone you’re holding 😂😂 i ordered my space odyssey (which is #01/19) a few months ago and just came in the mail today, but i guess they sent it to you first to make a video on since you phone is also #1 of 19 😂😂😂😂 (and yes i can provide all proof)
cole Måned siden
also the meteorite is a real meteorite, it fell and landed in North West Africa.
olduselesschannel foreverdead
olduselesschannel foreverdead Måned siden
Cavier is been legit for years now. But yes I’d want to investigate too but I dont wanna be foolish either cause lets say you work for nasa and can read threw this stuff then yah sure I wouldn’t mind buying it but since im not from nasa I would simply never buy it because of that not cause I cant trust it.
waid majji
waid majji Måned siden
lol they just sent him a 7000$ luxury phone and he's roasting them!!
Nuuts_Inmy _Buuts
Nuuts_Inmy _Buuts Måned siden
Well rip the moon in 100 years
Mute. rt
Mute. rt Måned siden
Come back after 50 years "Heres an iphone 62 with a peice of pluto
Roger Skagerström
Roger Skagerström Måned siden
I normaly think these "fake luxury" Iphones are just BS. But this does look damn good though! Could have lost one digit in the price by skipping the supposed-to-be moon stone though :P
H S Måned siden
Ultra rich would buy this stuff
Onem Production
Onem Production Måned siden
just to note, you can see thats a video thats playing at 2:37. Not a call
Justin Brooks
Justin Brooks Måned siden
I’m surprised you’re still alive tbh. Lmao.
Two BFDI Måned siden
New iphone comes Everyone with this phone : ;-;
Abysswalker Måned siden
Americans buying iPhones with moon dust, while my European ass can't even get a Samsung Galaxy with a Snapdragon processor...
ReddVortex Måned siden
I’ll just ask my grandma to sew a piece of my 10 year old underwear at the back of my iphone
GG Comments
GG Comments Måned siden
Anyone else bothered by that floating/hanging sandal?
GG Comments
GG Comments Måned siden
Real piece of the ac..... How do you get a... ... (MKBHD exhales)... See, this .... I don't know... That sounds rare... That must've been expression of the viewers when they saw the thumbnail.
Sujit Warrier
Sujit Warrier Måned siden
Are you sure this is real?
Chris S
Chris S Måned siden
Ahmed MJ
Ahmed MJ Måned siden
No one: Ndt: "Hey marcus"
N F Måned siden
Lol they made this phone to spy on rich people its so obvious
Sungha Jung
Sungha Jung Måned siden
EPIC ! 😂
shahid lone
shahid lone Måned siden
sorry Neil 😂
Kartik Mittal
Kartik Mittal Måned siden
I disliked this video just becoz of his attitude of shutting down laptop. I know this is a scripted joke and NDT is fine with it but still that’s highly cheap and disrespectful and his viewers aren’t all fools to pamper his egotistic attitude -_-
Kishan Prasad
Kishan Prasad Måned siden
I wonder if iphone 200 would have a piece of the first iphone embedded in it.
Real Verdade
Real Verdade Måned siden
My respect for trying to reveal this enterprises well done
Humper Tv
Humper Tv Måned siden
i love how he just calls neil casually
Tanveer Måned siden
1:24 no one gonna talk about that rotating croc?
Cristian D R
Cristian D R Måned siden
Wait it’s not cheese?
Crazy Cat Skits
Crazy Cat Skits Måned siden
That was quite sudden You know what... hey Neil!
Pernell Brodie
Pernell Brodie Måned siden
Us regular people: I want to learn something, let me google it. Marques: I want to learn something, let me call the SMARTEST MAN IN THE WORLD.
Jameson G
Jameson G Måned siden
EHHHHhhhh dunno how weird it is for a russian company making a USA presidency themed phone. Jus' sayin'...
Vasya Måned siden
Run away form anything russian
TheDude_59 Måned siden
Its a luxury product ment to flex. it doesnt need to make much sense. Its merely there so you can whip it out and show people that you dont need to care about something silly like money.
TeamYankee2 Måned siden
So, where did they get the moon rock from ?
Tipu Sensei
Tipu Sensei Måned siden
wait not even a goodbye?? ok...
A T Måned siden
You would have to be really dumb to believe a russian got hold of steve jobs turtle neck. So what make you think or believe they got a piece of mars and put in the phone.
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