PlayStation 5 Review: Next Gen Gaming!

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Marques Brownlee

3 måneder siden

PS5 review from a casual gamer.
PS5 Accessories:
The Controller:
PC Gaming in 8K:
0:00 Intro
0:45 Design Thoughts
2:42 What's New
5:01 Next Gen Gaming
7:12 Ray Tracing
9:52 NBA 2K21
11:07 The Controller
14:23 Final Thoughts
MKBHD Merch:
Tech I'm using right now:
Intro Track: Intertia by 20syl
Playlist of MKBHD Intro music:
Console provided by Sony for review.

Amir Kabre
Amir Kabre 2 timer siden
Nah he said Westbrick
ImSecondeck Gaming
ImSecondeck Gaming 5 timer siden
He said horse power LOL
WHATS UP G 22 timer siden
Does it still sounds like a helicopter when it starts?
Micah Bamaiyi
Micah Bamaiyi Dag siden
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25abbhijith vinodh kumar1020
25abbhijith vinodh kumar1020 2 dager siden
who wants him to game once
Toopienator 2 dager siden
Finally got one this month. Love it!
Gachamations0103 3 dager siden
My dad just got me and my older brother a PS5 yesterday and we had lots of fun
Henrik Peterson
Henrik Peterson 4 dager siden
Finally got my ps5 and damn im happy except the storage its a joke i cant even install sll my games 5 ps5 games and 2 ps4, 😪😪 design get use to it controller amazing finally Sony it feels so good in your hands, now we just need expansion storage there dont break the bank
Igor Kieczka
Igor Kieczka 4 dager siden
Still haven’t got my ps5
Katrina Jeremy
Katrina Jeremy Time siden
I got my ps5 from hiddentoolz on lg.....thanks for the recommendation ..
Shiv Patel
Shiv Patel 4 dager siden
Marques easily the whitest black guy on NOpost
Lovepreet 4 dager siden
Who is the winner of ps5 plz tell🙏
LJ B 4 dager siden
I heard it's not that great from people that own it. Still love the ps4
Thiago Zanella
Thiago Zanella 5 dager siden
You do such an awesome content, love your room by the way
_ also_ _also_
_ also_ _also_ 5 dager siden
MJ P 5 dager siden
Nobody cares about 8k gaming right now, especially when basically the only game that can do it and maintain 60fps is Forza.
Joshiejandro23 5 dager siden
Playing 2k makes my controller sound like a machine gun
The Lushoctupous
The Lushoctupous 6 dager siden
To people who complain that people like Marques and other reviewers shouldn’t deserve this stuff, stop being salty and accept it. Besides this is their job sooooo
Bossnian 7 dager siden
Ill never understand gamers who buy consoles to play fifa, nba, sports in general. Those games arent much compared to GoW, Sekiro, Ghost of Tsushima, Souls etc
KNG Hades
KNG Hades 7 dager siden
everybody buying the ps5 even tho the xbox is better.
Get me a million subscribers please
Get me a million subscribers please 8 dager siden
Be safe when purchasing a PS5, it’s dangerous, others might steal it. So try delivery for your safety
Jonas Legend
Jonas Legend 8 dager siden
Yes, there is not much of ps5.. but i couldnt say that its next gen.. ps5 isnt so powerful, and do we have Next gen games? :D. For me, if u got PS4, just play with it until ps5 pro will come and you will get smooth 60fps+ with ray tracing. And Next gen games will be there for sure.
Broderick Cuevas
Broderick Cuevas 8 dager siden
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Stacy Sullivan
Stacy Sullivan 8 dager siden
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Kiko A
Kiko A 9 dager siden
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Terrell Richardson
Terrell Richardson 9 dager siden
how come there wasn't a series x review ?
Chris Tatum
Chris Tatum 9 dager siden
Just bagged my console arriving today I can’t wait
Markus Hyytiäinen
Markus Hyytiäinen 9 dager siden
I loved that nba 2k sequence
Nikimite Trio !!
Nikimite Trio !! 9 dager siden
I dont want to use it in vertically, showing it vertically 🤷🏼‍♂️😅
Josh Lab
Josh Lab 7 dager siden
Hes talking about the stand not the ps5
Shivam Rai
Shivam Rai 10 dager siden
Can't wait to play this in 10 years
Living Life Custom
Living Life Custom 11 dager siden
Love the ps5 overall including the design 👌🏽👌🏽 but wish they had more color options so I made a video custom wrapping a ps5 in camo red 🔥🔥
Farha Zaidi
Farha Zaidi 12 dager siden
wish we could get it
andres perez
andres perez 12 dager siden
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Chad Volk
Chad Volk 12 dager siden
The ps5 is such an ugly design
Shawn Iwanciw
Shawn Iwanciw 12 dager siden
You the man Marques ❤ Your reviews. You're my first stop before buying tech 👍👍
Arkadi Grigoryan
Arkadi Grigoryan 12 dager siden
please somebody, donate me ps5
Jathin S
Jathin S 13 dager siden
50 years later: retro tech episode 5012
Eesa 13 dager siden
Is it okay to lay down the console horizontally?
Zach Porter
Zach Porter 14 dager siden
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Zach Porter
Zach Porter 14 dager siden
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신경미 14 dager siden
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Vaunté Gardener
Vaunté Gardener 14 dager siden
There is alot of frame drops when spiderman swings through an area that has alot of things to render
이씨 15 dager siden
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Mr. Tech
Mr. Tech 15 dager siden
melesech assefa Jira
melesech assefa Jira 15 dager siden
TheBlues Ine
TheBlues Ine 15 dager siden
Game graphics quality is really disappointing for me. I game on pc and was hoping for a similar experience..... Looks like I stick with pc gaming again.
ScreamingPixels 15 dager siden
30 FPS in 2021?!? No thanks!!!
Arnold K
Arnold K 15 dager siden
I must admit, 2K implemented the controller very well!!
Iherdu Luvlawngdich
Iherdu Luvlawngdich 15 dager siden
*laughs in RTX 3070* jk i wish
7x ELECTRIC 15 dager siden
Him:it feels really intentionally Me: Clam
Adam Hermiston
Adam Hermiston 15 dager siden
The dapper herring intraperitonally sip because apartment intermittently attach save a left celsius. brave, ancient diploma
E IKE 16 dager siden
Is it that much different from PS4 to go for an upgrade?
Matthew Bono
Matthew Bono 16 dager siden
The selective trousers practically warn because mailman concurringly risk astride a opposite hamster. calm, cooing jason
James Matthews
James Matthews 17 dager siden
Fuck ps5 cant find one anywhere they release scalpers get em and sell them for more than retail price they lost a customer
•Shady• 17 dager siden
I’m an Xbox fan but the reason why I brought a ps4 was to play god of war cuz Ive loved it since I was a kid, I haven’t decided to buy Xbox series x or ps5, what do u guys think? Cuz I fucking love the ps5 controller
Mr. Cat
Mr. Cat 18 dager siden
Walmart Dad
Walmart Dad 18 dager siden
He will regret that because it slides so dang much
Monda Chewon
Monda Chewon 18 dager siden
So basically it’s ain’t all that for next gen
Ramiro Gonçalves
Ramiro Gonçalves 19 dager siden
Hei, i need some info and maybe you can help me. I bought a PS5 and i'm wondering how much influence a 120hz TV Will have while Im playing. Well, i'm more concerned about online latency. Will i have improvements with a 120hz screen. Will the HDMI 2.1 give me a Boost? Or in the other hand its only giving me better image quality and faster command response? to sum it all: How much Difference can the HDMI 2.1 and the 120hz TV can make overall?
David Mkwizu
David Mkwizu 19 dager siden
13:50 as someone who has played FIFA not good enough man.
Leif Aregis
Leif Aregis 19 dager siden
Nice review im about to get mine next week, just a question is the HDMI came with is a 2.1? or do i need to buy a certified Ultra HDMI 2.1, thanks more power to your channel 😎
Richard Speck
Richard Speck 19 dager siden
Did he seriously just say Miles Morales looks better than Demons Souls?!?!?!
Reon Lemos
Reon Lemos 20 dager siden
Fun Fact : more than 50% people watching this don't have a ps5
Jagrrr227 20 dager siden
Agree with most of your points. Great review!
Aztech Rex
Aztech Rex 20 dager siden
Got a like for the MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR GO shoutout
Christian Ø. Rasmussen
Christian Ø. Rasmussen 21 dag siden
That stand is just a design error mechanically and aesthetically.
MKI 15 dager siden
yeah the head engineers in Japan should have consulted with you before making millions of them...
FaszomTelivanGecivel 21 dag siden
I WAS gonna buy PS5, to play Uncharted 4, but first I wanted to start with Uncharted 1 and play all the titles in order, but it turns out that PS5 is not backwards compatible with PS3. I then checked if PS4 is at least backwards compatible and that ain't either. How hard can it be to build backwards compatibility into the console? Well, $500 less in sales hard I guess, multipled with the number of people that this lack in BC pisses off as much as me, which I imagine there must be quite a few of. So there we go, I'll spend my cash on Switch instead. Dirt cheap now. While Sony loses millions. LOL, even Xbox is backwards compatible. ALL THE WAY TO 2001. Sony must really hate money I guess.
Big Guy
Big Guy 21 dag siden
i would really like a review for the pulse 3d headset pls :)
Armaghan Rasheed
Armaghan Rasheed 21 dag siden
Ps5 and still 30fps? On extreme graphics?
Sobaan Ahmed
Sobaan Ahmed 22 dager siden
This costs 1200 dollars in Pakistan. 😭😭
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones 22 dager siden
Chile the ps5 isn’t gonna last like 4 years- they last about 7- the ps3 came out in 2006 and the ps4 came out in 2013 and the ps5 came out in 2020 notice how it’s every 7 years 😭
Jeremy R
Jeremy R 23 dager siden
They cut to many corners with these consoles SSDs are stupid cheap these consoles both should have 2TB variants
Julian 23 dager siden
Hey does he play Payback instead of Heat?
2 pac
2 pac 23 dager siden
Man how the hell did u blow up on youtube bro?
CoryMori _MammaMia
CoryMori _MammaMia 24 dager siden
I want this console so bad but the scalpers are stealing my chance. F*** scalpers. I just hope scalping will be illegal after this high demand console is over or something. Here my advice if you guys want a ps5: Wait till they restock, don’t buy from scalpers. You will get taken advantage if you buy from a scalper.
VxilityYT 24 dager siden
I am just wondering what monitor do you have?
THE PUG GOD 24 dager siden
Hi and have a nice day
Michael Visaya
Michael Visaya 24 dager siden
"... clearly not everyone's home aesthetic can fit this look, or work this in without sticking out" Yes, I acknowledge the point that he just made; but he has what is probably the cleanest setup to go with it.
Jc Sontinou
Jc Sontinou 24 dager siden
60fps is max on PS5? I expect 90fps, sad😢
Angelica Stella
Angelica Stella 26 dager siden
He is tested and trusted and he does great things .he will help you with your credit score and also fix your hacked email .
Kushal 26 dager siden
can somebody donate a ps5/ps4?
Drawde_064 26 dager siden
My Astro’s Playroom Crashes whenever I try to load it, so I can’t play it. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling, rebuilding the Database, Deleting the save data for it (I was able to play it, then for some reason it started crashing), but nothing works.
Quennie Manato
Quennie Manato 26 dager siden
Alexander Agung Wirabumi
Alexander Agung Wirabumi 27 dager siden
Old the Legends : PlayStation 1 and 2 New Era : PlayStation 5
Lucy Weigh
Lucy Weigh 27 dager siden
Elesbeth Stanley
Elesbeth Stanley 27 dager siden
So I got two PS5 as a birthday present from my friends. Trying to sell one of them for half the prize DM me on Google hangout if you are interested.
溫子杰 27 dager siden
He said "a lot of people just turn off the vibrations", then he paused a second.
AFK Gamer
AFK Gamer 27 dager siden
You should play fortnite it’s really fun
J Rich
J Rich 28 dager siden
I was hoping for a lot more out of this review. It kinda seemed like you were giving a bit of a game review rather then going through the new hardware and features of the console. This one was a miss for me Marques but it looks like a lot of other people enjoyed it.
usmile 28 dager siden
Oh boy, can't wait to buy it in 2 years when they're in stock!
usmile Dag siden
@Dominothegreat nvm I got a pc what plot twist
Dominothegreat Dag siden
I got one...maybe if you tried to get one rather than cry you’d have one?
sam chester
sam chester Dag siden
Lol scalpers got em I got mine from Game shop
tdebug 28 dager siden
End of January 2021 in the EU - my retailer just announced that the 2nd batch of PS5 they are getting, should cover pre-orders done before September(!) 2020(!). Seriously, that's pretty much all you should know about PS5 - the console virtually doesn't exists :-D
Alex Vojacek
Alex Vojacek Måned siden
And I just purchased an Xbox Series X yesterday... oh well. I did tried to purchase this console but I grew so tired of checking Amazing/Walmart 4 times per day for 2 months now and the Xbox Series X is still popping out. The PS5 could be amazing but until THERE IS an actual console a NORMAL PERSON can purchase on Amazon, it's Series X for me.
Haliel Måned siden
can u play PS3 games on it?
Mazin Mohammad
Mazin Mohammad Måned siden
ps5 stick drift?
Top Hat
Top Hat Måned siden
Do you need internet for ps5?
PlayStation Professional Streams
PlayStation Professional Streams Måned siden
The first console launch in which I could care less about trying to get one.
Scott Stevens
Scott Stevens Måned siden
Thank you sir! Love your videos, just subscribed!
Timothy Robinson
Timothy Robinson Måned siden
Free Playstation 5
Free Playstation 5 Måned siden
Jason Måned siden
How did you get your playstation 5s? Did you use a bot?
James Nelson
James Nelson Måned siden
I never believe i could get PS5 free *jimmy_hack1* on Instagram proved me wrong much thanks , it was delivered successfully from Amazon?
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