The Portless iPhone 13: Let's Talk!

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Marques Brownlee

2 måneder siden

An iPhone with no ports. We all seem to have accepted it already... but why?
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swag rebex gamer
swag rebex gamer 26 minutter siden
No more speakers on a phone you probably have a speaker already
Jens Björkqvist
Jens Björkqvist 2 timer siden
the port suck's after a couple of year... so its better for long term... i magfail would work xD
Mohammed Khan
Mohammed Khan 3 timer siden
I'm all for wireless charging and all that but my problem is, what if I need to hard reset my phone using DFU? As far as we know, you still need iTunes for that. Unless they can figure out how to wireless transmit that data over magsafe, I think Apple is trying to kill jailbreaking using portless phones.
Frank 3 timer siden
Now that they have removed the power brick, the connector doesn't make sense either..... Let's just remove it!
Uncommon 3 timer siden
Apple: don't worry. If you really want the port just purchase this $40 dongle. Clear that issue right up.
Abhi 9 timer siden
broooooooo i love the quality of marques videossssssssssssssssssssss
ORIENTMAPLE 10 timer siden
This is actually pretty stupid if Apple does this they've come full circle and we'll have to include a charger in the Box again
El_ Martinez
El_ Martinez 12 timer siden
People always gonna hate on Apple but still end up buying their products🤣
C:Nolox 14 timer siden
These are risky moves but they know people will get used to it. Also makes sense that we should start seeing weird unimaginable things in tech, its 2021.
Selected Samurai
Selected Samurai 17 timer siden
Galaxy a51 on screen finger print headphone jack and charging port face unlock
Tony D
Tony D 17 timer siden
Oh this is Dora the Explorer now? Get rid of the NOTCH!
Selected Samurai
Selected Samurai 17 timer siden
Sound dumb No one has money to buy wireless chargers, airpods
Selected Samurai
Selected Samurai 17 timer siden
Imagine having a Notch
Eric Hernandez
Eric Hernandez 18 timer siden
Welp, looks like I'm stuck with this iPhone for the rest of my life
Kevin Halvorsen
Kevin Halvorsen 18 timer siden
Dont need it😂😂😂
ImagineSpazzin 18 timer siden
Watch it not come with te wireless charger and u have to buy it seperately
Patrick Star
Patrick Star 20 timer siden
Android has fingerprint scanner. And yes, they have a charging port too
Deme Kagamine
Deme Kagamine 21 time siden
IPhone 18, No headphone jack, home button, charging port, camera, antenna, screen battery or anything else. Just a box of air.
Freak80MC 23 timer siden
Couldn't you completely remove the buttons by making the side of the phone on the buttons side slightly flexible so when you press in it hits physical buttons on the inside? Gets around that whole issue of "Oh no what happens when the phone freezes".
Brandon Hambright
Brandon Hambright Dag siden
That does it. I am ready for a rotary dial flip phone. Getting to crazy here. Maybe the old crank phone and party lines. We thought everyone knew everything about you then.. NO< > they actually know everything about what your doing and where your going and what you shop for today in a more widespread area then the old days with party lines. Why? majority of people if the heard someone on the other line talking they just put their receiver back on the hook and waited. If it was a emergency they just got on and said so. Privacy? I will take the old days. This day and time just blows.
Mr Fuzzy Face
Mr Fuzzy Face Dag siden
I’m interested to see how they would solve battery pack connection without the port
fhumulani makungo
fhumulani makungo Dag siden
if apple gets rid of the port, I'll use the last model with the port and switch to Android when it's outdated
Colton Kiefer
Colton Kiefer Dag siden
As much as I hate the cost of their adapters I feel like they view CarPlay as niche enough where they won’t even sell first party adapters for it that go from USB-A to MagSafe. If they don’t then they’ll have to wait for me to purchase a new vehicle (which I just did). See you in a long long time Apple! 😂
Jack Bboy
Jack Bboy Dag siden
hey then everything will be wireless
MrGhastlyboot Dag siden
The only good thing about this is it makes the phones easy to water proof
Ü Dag siden
0:01 I want a pad like that
xamz Dag siden
in the future we’ll have to build our phone and we’ll have to buy each part separately
Josh Caligaris
Josh Caligaris Dag siden
Yeah the port means nothing to me. I’m all for forcing the progression of wireless technology.
Jacob Policediez
Jacob Policediez Dag siden
If they will remove the charging ports, how are they going to solve the problem of transferring files to itunes for desktop, and using third party apps to be transferred to iphones?
Ilovegames K
Ilovegames K Dag siden
iphone 14: parts in the box and you have to put them together to build the phone
Spicy Chicken
Spicy Chicken Dag siden
iPhone 13 will get a magnetic charging cable
Khurram Hayat
Khurram Hayat 2 dager siden
Iphon 3g: Wow i have 3g a home button and a camera! iPhone 5: Wow I have fingerprint! iPhone 22 wow I don't even have a screen.
Kevlar W
Kevlar W 2 dager siden
Kevlar W
Kevlar W 2 dager siden
Did Apple actually says that or the Rumours
floop k
floop k 2 dager siden
i still havent recovered they got rid of headphone jack
Josh Burnett
Josh Burnett 2 dager siden
I’m sick of Apple constantly removing things
Rearabetswe Masule
Rearabetswe Masule 2 dager siden
Screen in your contacts lenses
Andre Brake
Andre Brake 2 dager siden
Cant wait till they release all the phone parts separately 🤩
Andre Brake
Andre Brake 2 dager siden
Cant wait till they dont include the phone in the box 🤩🤩🤩🤩
Parth Mevada
Parth Mevada 2 dager siden
Bunn'ns! Bunn'ns? Bunn'ns.
legend01 2 dager siden
ima just buy iphone 12😂
Nalou 4334
Nalou 4334 2 dager siden
Hmm the supposed trade offs aren’t worth it in my opinion. I also find it absurd that they stopped including the charger with the phones.
Bruce Dallas
Bruce Dallas 2 dager siden
Maybe its justified when you just have a massive battery so you dont need to charge it as much and offcourse magcharge should be included
Basant Hangal
Basant Hangal 2 dager siden
"Create a problem, sell a solution" The quote with which Apple got billions of dollars
Ash Dag siden
Aaron Edler
Aaron Edler 2 dager siden
I just think we have to face facts every little small detail on the outside of the iphone will eventually be gone
Caleb 2 dager siden
If you have no port, how are you gonna use iTunes to load music on your device? I don't want to use the internet to move gigs of data to a device. That'd be super slow in comparison to a wired solution
tedfaun 2 dager siden
Apple tries to solve problems with its products and then justifies/explains those changes to its customers??? No waaaaaay!!!!
Fernando Sandoval
Fernando Sandoval 2 dager siden
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Cornnose 2 dager siden
the next iphone will no longer have a sim card slot, ya just dont need it, we swear
Alex Oracolo
Alex Oracolo 2 dager siden
They don't justify, they make excuses which is different, only dumb idiots would believe they don't just do it for the money. Have fun connecting the phone to your camera, bye bye every single older tech connecting with a cable which has no substitute whatsoever 🤷 have fun!
Elizabeth Vanesian
Elizabeth Vanesian 2 dager siden
My otter box and two popsocket set up is nooooot gonna be fun to work around i a m c l u m s y
Ben Larson
Ben Larson 2 dager siden
Alright so here's my take. Would I go for the iPhone with no charging port? Maybe. In regard to charging, I NEVER plug my phone in, ever. Ever ever ever. BUT, When I'm in my car, I need to for CarPlay so I can both charge my phone, and use CarPlay at the same time. Not seeing a solution for that if the lightning port (which really should be USB-C) goes bye-bye. Thoughts?
Josh Watkinson
Josh Watkinson 2 dager siden
Based on what Apple is doing it looks like we are heading for a future with no phones. Sounds stupid but hear me out. I believe it's been said that by 2030 phones won't exist anymore as a physical form factor. I believe this decade will see us go from form to formless. Most tech companies are working hard behind the scenes on XR (AR/VR) software and hardware. Looking at a screen in the future will seem archaic when we have the digital objects being blended with physical reality. Companies have been testing and gathering data on this for years through AR filters etc and I believe they are refining AR capabilities and the technology. It's not just a fun gimmick, it's mass live user testing. The new mobile devices in the future will not be physical devices but smart glasses or digital headbands that overlay the OS and it's various functions onto your field of view. Apple removing physical interfaces are just baby steps towards that model and we know they have been working on AR glasses for some time now.
taha entesari
taha entesari 2 dager siden
Apple's hypocrisy is just something. Apple will play the environmental card, but wireless chargers are just tools to waste energy. It's not just that they'll create more emission trying to create more stuff and sell them; it's that the wireless chargers are just throwing out energy
Caleb McKenzie
Caleb McKenzie 3 dager siden
“Name something you used your charging port for”..... Apple car play anyone....?
Agus Orellana
Agus Orellana 3 dager siden
Meanwhile I’ve been an iPhone user for almost a decade… and I can’t get rid of the port, I do use it in my car, restore devices and plenty of other things, for now is necessary…
Haze_erupt yt
Haze_erupt yt 3 dager siden
iPhone 13 pro max ultra mega port less 6g without screen for environment
Gunslinga 3 dager siden
If it’s portless when you can only charge it on a pad or something . iPhone can fuck themsleves in the ass . That is the dumbest idea ever and how tf am I gonna charge my phone on the job site w out a charging port .
sjamalama dingdong
sjamalama dingdong 3 dager siden
The only problem I have with this is charging while holding it it and listening in the car.
Michael Josias
Michael Josias 3 dager siden
when will theh remove the SCREEN?
Juanswe 3 dager siden
Think a iPhone without a port for connecting earphones.. Apple could make IOS only accept Apples own wireless earphones..
Juanswe 3 dager siden
Apple will not do that yet. Very simple. If they do, they will make the consumer to just buy earphones without cables... tell me how cheaply will be that
Ru1plays 3 dager siden
the only reason apple should remove ports on their phone is if they make a 100% bezelless phone
Infinite Monkey
Infinite Monkey 3 dager siden
Apple: we cannot use standard USB-C ports, because that inhibits innovation...
James Rafferty
James Rafferty 3 dager siden
And What about all the Other Older iphones that were never made for Mag charging?
Dre Day
Dre Day 3 dager siden
As someone that still downloads and transfers music with iTunes on my laptop with the usb cable this is a terrible idea lol
Cornnose 2 dager siden
theyll do it man watch em, apple dosent care about you
Next: iPhone-less iPhone !!!!
Jaime Fogle
Jaime Fogle 3 dager siden
Guys I’m mentally happy for it to get the IPHONE 13” only if it comes out. I have a cracked iPhone 7 with a small piece of glass out of the camera and had it for 3 / 4 years so ya . I don’t really care if there is no charge stuff to plug it in because I won’t have to worry about trying to plug it in at night when the battery is low
John Hargrove
John Hargrove 3 dager siden
Just got ahead and take the speakers out now. We know what's next...
INP Jero
INP Jero 3 dager siden
can’t wait for the logic board less iPhone
elvidasuave 999
elvidasuave 999 3 dager siden
I won’t Buy the new iPhone if they do this.
Shawn Smith
Shawn Smith 3 dager siden
No next is the speaker
Aztec 3 dager siden
Ye that’s y i wanta leave iphone
Aztec 3 dager siden
Just like apples dumb ass single port macs
Akasha Nephthys
Akasha Nephthys 3 dager siden
What about ppl who want to use their not apple cabled jack headphones?? I can’t be the only one who don’t want bluetooth headphones (and has too small earholes for the most of them) 😭
2002 -
2002 - 4 dager siden
can you transfer photos with a portless phone to and from pc
Melwin Biji Purackal
Melwin Biji Purackal 4 dager siden
I don't even know how they are gonna fix the main buttonless problems
Frederick Aryee-Quaye Aryee
Frederick Aryee-Quaye Aryee 4 dager siden
How will they do restore when the software get messed up and u need to restore to get it working or connect to a pc to get your files in sync
Noctua 4 dager siden
Damnit! Now everyone's going to do it!
Юлия Васик
Юлия Васик 4 dager siden
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Vicente Ortiz
Vicente Ortiz 4 dager siden
From a support perspective: the port has always been necessary for restoring the device to Factory Default using iTunes/Finder or syncing content for those who do not use, pay for, or trust iCloud. How will they solve these requirements?
Jake77 4 dager siden
Portless is the future
Ikal Balam
Ikal Balam 4 dager siden
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SNAKE CHARMER 4 dager siden
Who cares about the port ? I don’t get it ? in the future we won’t be using plugs as mich
044BMEC_Basit Mohi Ud Din Wani
044BMEC_Basit Mohi Ud Din Wani 4 dager siden
Magsafe is here already
TheRealTark 4 dager siden
This actually scares me because everyone copies apple once they remove something.
Walter Bowers
Walter Bowers 5 dager siden
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vamsi harish
vamsi harish 5 dager siden
Keep it or don’t keep it doesn’t matter for me... I’m in serious love the the tech inside my iPhone XS... will not change it until next five years...
Christo Maliyekkal
Christo Maliyekkal 5 dager siden
How would developers install their .ipa files or debug the app? 🤔 Yes possible to install ipa files over-the-air, but it is going to be much slower.
Edward Ureña
Edward Ureña 5 dager siden
I just got a 12 Pro max and I plan on keeping it till 2023 or 2024
acidrain55 5 dager siden
I think apple are just working towards making everything they do so secure and impenetrable. Which I would like to think will help with tyranny. But then I guess you have to trust apple instead of your government?
acidrain55 4 dager siden
@DogeCoin Moon Trips Nothing of course but physically removing the port is one more way of making it harder to get in.
DogeCoin Moon Trips
DogeCoin Moon Trips 4 dager siden
Wtf is secure about wireless tech?
Tony Stark
Tony Stark 5 dager siden
Get rid of the damn port. I’m a stickler for evolution and innovation so if apple can drop that horrible port and get rid of wired chargers altogether I’m in for it. We live in a world that’s progressing away from archaic technologies which is great. Plus when I’m at the pool or in the shower it’s one less way for water to get into it. Lol
SANTA TMSOLIT 5 dager siden
lol !
Holako Aljbar
Holako Aljbar 5 dager siden
Might as well make me buy the iPhone in pieces and I’ll put it together myself and call it a day. I have the the 12 pro Max, and it’s just perfect the way it is. The port is fine, the camera is good and the bottoms do what they’re there to do. Now I understand why they might wanna remove it, just to get sells and line their pockets with more money, but I still feel like it’s completely unnecessary. I’m sure they can be more creative than that. Btw the only reason I went with the 12 pro Max is because they went back to box shape phone, so I know they are creative and have ideas. So the portless iPhone is a no go for me.
Amber 5 dager siden
I can’t wait for Touch ID coming back and I’m ok with the portless charging.
Cornnose 2 dager siden
im fine with it too i just have a problem with apple thinking we are mindless
Timid MC
Timid MC 5 dager siden
The magsafe charging doesn't help anyone when they need to charge outside of their home. First of all the magsafe is a much bigger item than the regular charging cord so it's actually kind of dumb. Imagine carrying your magsafe puck with you everywhere you go for your phone. smh It's wack.
RamenSoup 5 dager siden
What if they made that place magnetic like the cable gonna attach there?
Jacobacon555 5 dager siden
Pardon the quality *plays reasonably high quality*
Edward Fletcher
Edward Fletcher 5 dager siden
The screams of every Apple gamer with plugin joysticks..
Tamariz Owens
Tamariz Owens 5 dager siden
Two years from now it will be a iPhone with a screen on the back side for camera use
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