Xiaomi Mi 11: The New Normal!

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Marques Brownlee

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Smartphones are about to level up.
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Phone provided by Xiaomi for review.

One Above All
One Above All 3 timer siden
American Smartphone: Nobody has ever given a low price with high specs. (Stingy). Don't ever dream that America will issue a smartphone with cheap price but high specifications, that's impossible European smartphones: Always wanted to look elegant at a high price but lacking specifications. Europe will never forever issue low-priced smartphones with high specifications. Chinese smartphone: I am a true king, low price but high specs. Many models are good and always think about customer satisfaction. Even have many choices, because we are kings over kings. 😎 China's smartphone is always number one. American and European smart phones are sad, times have changed. That is the result of always selling at high prices even though some are cheap but the specifications are very bad. Who is the king in the world ...? CHINA SMARTPHONE 🤴🇨🇳📱
silver33 13 timer siden
Google Pixel with their own processor.
Mohammad 21 time siden
for god saying just add ip68 xiaomi...
CEOPETA Dag siden
I’m in love with this phone
Shubham Dhoot
Shubham Dhoot Dag siden
Nice phone, but ugly camera module.
itz arin
itz arin 2 dager siden
Is that so good
Khaled Ashrife 9B Korsavadsskolan
Khaled Ashrife 9B Korsavadsskolan 2 dager siden
I love Xiaomi mi phones. Im currently using Xiaomi mi 10t 5g and loving it. I can game for hours and not having to worry about charging it. AMAZING PHONE FOR A CHEAP PRICE
Khaled Ashrife 9B Korsavadsskolan
Khaled Ashrife 9B Korsavadsskolan 2 dager siden
The thing i like about my life is that im 15 and when i become 20 or so there would be some amazing phones that are cheap. If i was born like 1950 it would be different. Currently im using Xiaomi mi 10t 5g. I dont use the 144hz mode just to save some battery, I use 90hz mostly for gaming.
qi heng huang
qi heng huang 2 dager siden
Does it work with US Carriers ?
Kaptain Karizzma
Kaptain Karizzma 2 dager siden
DONT buy your phone from China though. It comes with the China ROM which is no longer compatible with google. Make sure you always purchase the international version
Mohd Hafiidz Jaafar
Mohd Hafiidz Jaafar 2 dager siden
Looking forward to two phones: 1. sony Xperia 1 mark iii; and 2. the gaming phones (how do they react to the changes to the phone ecosystem with the inclusive of high refresh rate for most phones in 2020 and 2021).
DJ. Grand Theft Audio
DJ. Grand Theft Audio 2 dager siden
Not looking forward to any phones this year. No chargers, no headphone jacks no expandable storage = less choice. If you want above buy cheap phone with not so good camera. Not so good built in speakers. Not so good screen Slower processor. So what phone am I looking forward to? No Phone.
Shobu 2 dager siden
a mi 11T if I can find that one cheaper somewhere...
Marwan Ak
Marwan Ak 2 dager siden
Am I the only one that likes curved displays!?
Miguel Martinez
Miguel Martinez 2 dager siden
Xiaomi Note series 😉 superb
Erske Grön
Erske Grön 3 dager siden
I am hoping for a global release of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra. Current leaks point towards a great flagship.
Agumon5 3 dager siden
Seems pretty stupid to me. Kind of like those ritzy restaurants that sell you a f****** carrot and a tiny piece of quail for $50. While you could get a burrito cross the street for five bucks that taste just as good. Looks like the mid-range section is going to be where the real value is. Flagship seem to be becoming more and more pretentious, offering you a bunch of needless features, taking away important things like the f****** power brick and headphone jack. Almost like they're looking at how stupid their customers are, wondering how much they can get away with in the name of having a status phone.
Ayntak 3 dager siden
Price will fall soon i guess. I look for phones that are under 600 € and under 6 inch. Those flagships are often way too big for my taste
Kobracizer 3 dager siden
Hes forgetting the fact that it has 480Hz touch response
Dud Hg
Dud Hg 3 dager siden
Please give me😭😭😭😭😭😭......
Marios Erodotou
Marios Erodotou 3 dager siden
Xiaomi added to the black list???
Yong Chen Seng
Yong Chen Seng 3 dager siden
Mi 11 ultra
TrapDrap YG
TrapDrap YG 3 dager siden
Waiting on the *Mi 11 Ultra*
Prabin Thakur
Prabin Thakur 3 dager siden
Review the upcoming huawei phones
Vevi 903
Vevi 903 3 dager siden
Rog phone 5
Dani Domínguez
Dani Domínguez 4 dager siden
"It doesn't seem to serve any purpose". Meanwhile, a giantic piece of furniture rotating a sandal on the background. Loved it.
Jasraj Flora
Jasraj Flora 4 dager siden
S21 series!!!! And the Iphone 12 series!!!! Are to good to be true.sometimes i fell like it is all a movie. they just keep surprising us and it is good.
Hafeez Khan
Hafeez Khan 4 dager siden
I just love to see More of "oneplus". They make danm amazing devices.
Johnny Cache
Johnny Cache 4 dager siden
I'm totally with him on the curved displays, but why would I care at all about the material on the back? Everyone who at least somewhat respects his phone will use a proper case anyway.
Pyotr Tchaikovsky
Pyotr Tchaikovsky 5 dager siden
Phones are boring, of all thousands of phone brands only we've got two phone manufacturers in the world apple and Sony the rest are just copier of the said
anantharaman prasad
anantharaman prasad 5 dager siden
I'd look forward for a better mid range phone from google
PlayStation 5
PlayStation 5 5 dager siden
Free chager?! I will gladly take all of your stock.
Charles Du
Charles Du 5 dager siden
That metal accent piece is your new nail file.....
Amaury Dourado
Amaury Dourado 5 dager siden
Apple: Hey,Nice new trend by xiaomi,lets launch iphone with charger in the box for 200$ more
Leo Kovačić
Leo Kovačić 5 dager siden
Mi mix 4, anything good without the factory ruined display
blooskys1 5 dager siden
Is there any warranty?
Alaa Alzain
Alaa Alzain 6 dager siden
The design is weird 💀
Jerry Mancini
Jerry Mancini 6 dager siden
"They" got the back right previously on the Note 4 lol
Jerry Mancini
Jerry Mancini 6 dager siden
Being forced is not the same as being cool with it. Yeah, you can just not buy the new phone for now. In 3 years when the non-removable battery no longer holds a usable charge, you will not have a choice.
Joshua Kaminski
Joshua Kaminski 6 dager siden
I'm most looking forward to a new LG V70. Headphone jack, expandable memory, all the other high-end features...
Paing Paing
Paing Paing 6 dager siden
That metal circle is for air charge
Bruno B
Bruno B 6 dager siden
The redmi 10 series
Hasnain Yaqub
Hasnain Yaqub 6 dager siden
Flat screen YES I AM WITH YOU. I don't understand the purpose of curved displays :S. Seriously what is that half centimeter wastage for?
Athul Sreerag
Athul Sreerag 6 dager siden
The Extreme Phone ❤️🔥
ctl6985 6 dager siden
I'm looking forward to the A52 and A72. I think those two will be in the same category as this
thebigluker 6 dager siden
I am looking forward to the Xiaomi 11(s, +, pro) whatever the premium version is. I love Xiaomi I have been using Xiaomi for the last 7 years I don't plan to buy another brand again. I love Xiaomi!
ManofSteele25 7 dager siden
$7-800 US fyi guys, correct me if im wrong
Kim Kristensen
Kim Kristensen 7 dager siden
I'm looking forward to the MI 11 Ultra.
Cyrus Takem
Cyrus Takem 7 dager siden
Dude, if standards are respected (I mean of course exclude the cheap no protection fire hazzard knock off charger) the best charger for a phone is any charger, just choose a phone that respects standards for the 30 chargers you have at home that respect standards...
daedra40 7 dager siden
That price is king
Amjad Hamdan
Amjad Hamdan 7 dager siden
What about the cameras ? You didn't say anything about them
Diogo Silva
Diogo Silva 7 dager siden
but the software is meh...
fazly qa
fazly qa 8 dager siden
Tenzin Palden.
Tenzin Palden. 8 dager siden
Next time they won’t give the cable
Avieshek 8 dager siden
Samsung M52, 1+ Nord and iPhone 12s
S. Smith
S. Smith 8 dager siden
Jokes on the phone sellers, I may follow tech trends, but I hate carrying a phone. I haven't bought a phone since 2012.
HARDCORETRADXR 8 dager siden
Does this phone spy on you? Its China made. So...
Altair4611 8 dager siden
2:48 Nothing is free, the charger's cost is in the standard version
kblam1001 8 dager siden
this whole video is contradictions after contradictions, such a clickbait title man.... complete paradoxical gibberish review... sorry for being so crass... its just that i've seen a lot of your videos and your message in each of them is really clear .... here it was too convoluted .... but one thing was still clear, that this phone is not the new normal and does not seem fun to use. (just an opinion here)
Ivan Georgiev
Ivan Georgiev 9 dager siden
I love the xiaomi mi 11 im gona buy it
AiKa 8 dager siden
@Ivan Georgiev Did you just- reply to your own comment? That's some main character energy.
Ivan Georgiev
Ivan Georgiev 9 dager siden
me too
Adil Mohammed
Adil Mohammed 9 dager siden
iPhone 12 pro
Jesse Warren
Jesse Warren 9 dager siden
I just don't see your everyday buyer getting the phone direct from the manufacturer. So in turn they would most likely get no charger.
visho89 9 dager siden
I don't like the screen borders. The design doesn't seem symmetrical when you can see the space between the black corners and bezel.
Raj Sakaria
Raj Sakaria 9 dager siden
Should have released it on May 11, 2021
Daraius Murrell
Daraius Murrell 9 dager siden
I am looking forward to the Note 21 Ultra, if Samsung release one!
Van Keith
Van Keith 10 dager siden
But does it have a headphone jack? hmmm
Hugo Ortega
Hugo Ortega 10 dager siden
Motorola edge s! I love my new motorola edge switched over from iphone and I love it !
Santiago Mateo
Santiago Mateo 10 dager siden
im a Xiaomi user, and glad to see MKBHD having a quick review on one.. though i dont have a budget for high end one
Daveed Wells
Daveed Wells 10 dager siden
That s nice phone a lot of people are going to like this
Daveed Wells
Daveed Wells 10 dager siden
That was a nice revlenr
INFINITE CATEGORY 10 dager siden
I have heard Marques voice so much that I talk like him now
Panagiotis Tsianios
Panagiotis Tsianios 10 dager siden
hey pleasae do a video for one of the best smartphones ever made back then... the motorola xt 910 \ always on what was the market back then
Mario S
Mario S 10 dager siden
New normal i hate that word remind me of covid world we live in now. I lost my job and still did not find new. So when i hear new normal i get upset !! Also i think about Davos leader's that say you will not own anything and you will be happy, basters.
Enchi 10 dager siden
Lloyd Sng
Lloyd Sng 10 dager siden
Any review on the Vivo iqoo 7?
Marc van Heugten
Marc van Heugten 11 dager siden
Phone I am looking forward to: one that doesnt fail on me within my contract, s10+ 1,5 years old = no more 4g.
Kewl Khid
Kewl Khid 11 dager siden
I truly think this is my next handset. I really want to see what Oneplus provides but I don't think I like the leaks I've seen so far. Great work Xiaomi
Luis Liu
Luis Liu 11 dager siden
Only losers use a xiaomi in China since one of their market managers once said we have to rely on losers(those has low income)to gain market , it's a reference lol, if you do use xiaomi, chance is your friend will point out that.
Nik S
Nik S 11 dager siden
Stop using that "new normal" bullshit. Jesus Christ.
RomanceR • 19 years ago
RomanceR • 19 years ago 11 dager siden
EU legislation opened the door to "charger not included" products. They proposed taxing manufacturers becauae they found that thrown out chargers are frequently not disposed of properly by consumers.
Berk Can
Berk Can 11 dager siden
Just to mention you can play MARIO ODYSSEY via emulator on this FULL SPEED
Witnessed It
Witnessed It 11 dager siden
I'll rather want to see a universalized charging solution for most home gadgets than individual companies spending money on the R&D, production and distribution. That's pretty obvious, anyone not seeing that is a loonie toon.
Living The Dash
Living The Dash 11 dager siden
Mi 11 Ultra is a Galaxy Ultra killer.
Tawhid Alexander
Tawhid Alexander 11 dager siden
Awesome phone . . .
Muhammad Nazmi
Muhammad Nazmi 11 dager siden
I waiting for flagships killer🔪
Living The Dash
Living The Dash 11 dager siden
Mi 11 Ultra
Dan Kristiansson
Dan Kristiansson 11 dager siden
Samsung gt e1080i, google it! I would like a smartphone in this old size, 4,25". And yes, a narrow smartphone. Cause many of us just want a phone. That includes it not being to BIG!
Luís Pacheco
Luís Pacheco 11 dager siden
Apple can sell a turd and people will buy it. I don't see anyone buying a smartphone without charger for the same price, even with half a dozen bricks you allways want the one the was born for YOUR phone
Rahul Poddar
Rahul Poddar 11 dager siden
Just enable the English subtitles
Antisystemic Paradise
Antisystemic Paradise 11 dager siden
I'm one of those who want to see smartphones without damn holes 🕳 😤 in the middle of our screen. REMOVE THEM AT LAST, NOBODY LIKES THEM 👎 ⛔ 📵
Grey Gods III
Grey Gods III 11 dager siden
Islander 95
Islander 95 12 dager siden
We all know apple ain't gonna give no option 😂
Jie Zheng
Jie Zheng 12 dager siden
Ok phone nothing to brag about
Araya Hill
Araya Hill 12 dager siden
The flaky algebra phytochemically record because deadline remarkably peep mid a astonishing parsnip. xenophobic, automatic kamikaze
Sea Loud
Sea Loud 12 dager siden
Sad! Americans are missing out on some of the best smartphones on the planet!
Stink Turk
Stink Turk 12 dager siden
“So i have had this phone handed to me when i was born”
Mark 12 dager siden
Great phone. How much in Europe?
MJ 12 dager siden
IF they sell it with the charger at the same price...#1
Aasutosh Jha
Aasutosh Jha 12 dager siden
The metallic circle's texture looks like "X" for Xiaomi.
FelixDied 12 dager siden
I hope punch holes will die in 3 years when I need to replace my poco f2
youtulsa 12 dager siden
The video is so boring.
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